Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

We started nearly two decades ago with a simple mission – to make a difference to the way people live – by creating homes that are more than four walls – homes that are part of a neighbourhood which encapsulates the essence of our society. Today, we have progressed beyond just housing …. Nurturing the domains of realty, hospitality, healthcare and education. We want to be a responsible, progressive and sensitive corporate citizen. My family and our businesses have always been deeply involved in philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. We will strive to put in sincere and continuous efforts to contribute to the economic, social and human development of our great nation.

Our Academy of Nursing (Benipur Nursing Sansthan ) is an initiative to create the finest nursing professionals. Our aim is to contribute to the healthcare industry and through it society in general, by establishing the Academy as a learning centre of international repute. I harmly look forward to your continued support for our endeavours.

With best wishes,
Benipur Nursing Sansthan